Cathy Mulligan spoke with Monocle 24 about El Salvador’s Bitcoin City

Monocle 24, 27 November 2021.

Blockchain’s e-waste a growing problem

Cathy Mulligan – BBC Digital Planet, November 2021.

Story of Money with Cathy Mulligan Part 1

YAP Cast, August 2021.

Story of Money with Cathy Mulligan Part 2

YAP Cast, August 2021.


Hitting the Triple Bottom Line: Widening the HCI Approach to Sustainability | read

Sabrina Scuri, Marta Ferreira, Nuno Nunes, Valentina Nisi, Cathy Mulligan, April 2022.

COLBAC: Shifting Cybersecurity from Hierarchical to Horizontal Designs | read

Kevin Gallagher, et al., December 2021.

O Técnico na liderança das tecnologias blockchain | read

Nuno Nunes, November 2021.

Remaking Global Cooperation: There’s No App For That | read

Cathy Mulligan, October 2021.

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